Sunday, February 05, 2006

ABC Does It Again!

During tonight's Superbowl XL from Detroit Rock City, the Rolling Stones performed the halftime show. Those of you who have been with me for awhile may recall my rant about their appearance on the NFL kickoff show last September. Well ABC still has its panties in a wad about the whole "you make a dead man come" lyric in "Start Me Up." They bleeped it out again.

Apparently my opinion means nothing.

I should be used to it, I'm married (j/k A).

Oh, and since we have the new (previously owned, new to us) bigger TV and surround sound system (really new, thanks Mom-in-Law) in the living room, I was looking forward to hearing the pre-game and halftime musical acts in all their 5.1 channel glory. Stevie Wonder and co. sounded great on the pregame show, but ABC's crew (Don Mischer Productions, you suck) took until halfway through their last song (Satisfaction) to get the levels right for the Stones set. So much for world-class entertainment.

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