Friday, December 15, 2006

Just another reason I want a PlayStation 3...

...and not a Wii (wee). The hard-to-pronounce next-generation console from Nintendo has already taken a lot of flak from every direction on its unique motion-sensing controller that allows players to realistically perform actions from throwing a bowling ball to swinging a baseball bat to conducting an orchestra (right).

Although I am all in favor of getting kids people up off the couch (or floor) if they must be tethered to the game console, I have a problem with the spazmoids who tend to be the ones that really get into the game. Something told me that they would be a little too enthusiastic when swinging hard plastic objects around expensive A/V equipment.

Nintendo foresaw this and included a wrist strap to said wii-mote. What they didn't foresee was the degree of-ahem!-enthusiasm American gamers would have.

The ensuing damage has been chronicled at Wii Have A Problem.

According to them, flying Wii-motes have damaged TVs, ceiling fans, lamps, VCRs, and—so far—9 people. Nintendo has already offered to send out replacement straps that are almost twice as thick as the originals.

Although the Wii retails for $249 (less than half of a fully-loaded PS3) one cracked HDTV monitor could set you back 10 times that.