Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ABL: Anybody But Lukas

Voting is open for Rockstar: Supernova until late tonight or early tomorrow.

Please vote often for your favorite "rocker" at rockstar.msn.com, unless Lukas is your favorite, then throw your computer up aganst the wall and drown yourself in the toilet.

Friday, September 08, 2006

New Template: I Screwed It Up

So I was messing around with my new template and I screwed something up on the archive pages.

The main page is fine, but all of the other pages are retarded.

I will fix it this weekend. Deal with it.

Update: Problem solved. Thanks for dealing.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rock Star: Supernova 9/6 Update

Here's a quick overview of last night's show:
  • Tommy is pulling double-duty with the Supernova show and MotleyCrue's current tour with Aerosmith
  • Brooke Burke announced that she is pregnant with a daughter
  • Magni performed with Supernova
  • Toby got the encore (and a new car) and dedicated his performance to his countryman, the Crocodile Hunter
  • Bottom 3: Dilana, Lukas (poseur), and Storm
  • Tommy couldn't bring himself to send anyone home last night, so Jason had to tell Storm she was out
So the final four "rockers" (still lame, Brooke... but we'll let it slide since you're with child and shouldn't be exerting yourself too much), in my order of preference, are:
  • Toby
  • Magni
  • Dilana
  • Lukas
Last year, my favorite rocker was Marty Casey and least favorite was JD Fortune, but JD's final performance won me over, and apparantly INXS, too, because he is now their frontman. I know Lukas won't be able to do the same for me, and I hope Supernova sees through his posturing and realizes that he is very one-dimensional and boring as a performer. Plus, I get the feeling that he wouldn't know "fun" if it tousseled his skunk-striped hair, punched him in his scowling face, and ripped off the clothes he bought at Aggro in the Toronto mall. Toby seems to be the only one of the group who could give Tommy Lee any competition in the "whooping it up" race.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Did no one else see this coming?

I just knew that eventually I would see the headline Steve Irwin killed in freak accident. "Stingray barb to the heart" ranked 1024 in my own personal list of ways I figured the Crocodile Hunter could take the big dirt nap.

Other ways I figured he could eventually meet his maker included:

#6 Face bitten off while aggravating a grumpy koala.

#72 Car blown off the road while chasing spinning tazmanian devil.

#156 Head stuffed in a kangaroo's pouch by one of Zartan's Dreadnoks.

#499 Pneumonia.

#765 Attacked by these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane.

Freak though he was, the Croc Hunter did quite a bit for Australia's eco-tourism and conservation of its wildlife. His antics were entertaining and he will be missed.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Supernova: Just a Bunch of Big Dicks

I wanted to keep this blog from being a complete and total shill for Rock Star: Supernova, so I promised myself I wouldn't post about this past week's performance's. Fuck it. If this is true, then the whole damn show is fixed, and I don't want to be a part of it.

Oh, and the whole thing with only certain parts of the site working with the Firefox browser is bullshit. Come on, Microsoft! Make a plugin so that your media player works in the number 2 browser. IE's overhead and security flaws are not something I want to have to accept just to be able to watch video clips of the show.

I thought it was just a technical glitch when I tried to vote for a couple of the "rockers" (god that term is so lame! Come up with something else to call them, Brooke. You sound like a tool). After 20 minutes of trying to get through, I gave up.

But now I think there may be a conspiracy to keep Lukas Rossi from the bottom 3 every week. He absolutely sucks, but if the show is rigged to let him win, then there is nothing our voting can do to get rid of him. The guys in the band are constantly blowing smoke up his ass. His performance of Nirvana's "Lithium" was uninspired and his stage presence was boring. Ryan Star, who got the Tommyhawk then next night, had 1000 times the energy and looked like he was just plain having fun. Oh, and his singing sounded more natural, too. Lukas's voice always sounds lke he is forcing it. That's fine if you are only performing one song, but what happens when he is on tour and has to sing for over an hour straight? I don't think he will be able to keep it up.

Storm Large's performance of Evanescence's "Bring Me to Life" made the hair on my arms stand at attention, especially when Toby showed up in the background to sing the male part. The band accused him of stealing some of Storm's thunder, but I think her willingness to let one of her competitors on stage with her to perform an inegral part of the song just shows that she knows what it takes to give the best performance. The song is more important than the performer's ego. Tommy Lee should take a cue from Storm's dedication to an accurate performance of the music. Then again, if he did that, he would still be in the Crue.

Toby took what should have been a boring song (Billy Idol's dated "Rebel Yell") and brought the crowd into the performance, literally. He pulled half a dozen hotties from the front row on stage with him for the final verse. That Aussie knows how to put on a show. I still pick him to win, if the contest isn't really rigged.

Even Dilana's energy would have pulled a couple of votes from me, had MSN's voting site not given me error after error. She kicked Lukas's ass, but still should have been in the bottom 3 (except with Lukas and Magni, instead of Storm and Ryan).

To add insult to injury, Supernova pegged Lukas to perform their new song, and I couldn't help but wonder what it would have sounded like with any of the other contestants. Hopefully we wont have to wait long to find out.

OH! Are these guys prohibited from performing Motley, GNR, or Metallica songs? I don't seem to recall any of the rockers singing songs made famous by the guys who are judging them.