Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun with Keywords: Halloween Edition

I am hoping that the people who have come to this site recently have simply been proactive in putting together their Halloween costumes (unlike yours truly, who decides at the last minute to pull out the "Drop Dead" t-shirt I bought at Target 2 years ago). Here are some of the search terms that prompted people to click onto this site:
  • template to make tazmanian devil
  • krueger glove template
  • vinyl gauntlets
  • how to make a lukas rossi halloween costume
The answer to that last one is: go to Spencers Gifts in your local mall, buy some pink hairspray and black eyeshadow and a white leather jacket like Axl Rose wore in the "Paradise City" video. Put on the eye shadow, pop some Lunesta and sleep for a good 18-24 hours. When you finally emerge from your coma, spray the pink hairspray all over your head and put on the jacket. Voila! Instant Skunk Ape! Anyway, it seems like my railing against the Superposeur frontman is serving up some decent hits on the old Internets. Peep:
  • lukas rossi skunk photo
  • lukas rossi rigged
  • lukas rigged
  • lukas rossi conspiracy
  • winner of rockstar supernova rigged
Then there's the weird Supernova-related queries:
  • devil sweatshirt tommy lee wears on rock star supernova
  • jason newstead cats
I have chosen to exclude the obligatory 186,000+ searches containing the words "Toby" "Rand" and "married?". Seriously girls, if you want to be a groupie, are you really all that concerned about his marital fidelity?
  • "strange sense of calmness"
  • onsite+screwed
Its funny how random words strung together actually bring people to this site. Don't they read the 20-word snippet beneath the link on the Google search results page?
  • radio jockey
I can just imagine 10 "little people" (they hate being called midgets, you know) racing Sony boomboxes trying to be the first to cross the finish line.
  • limited batch sweatshirts
I got nothin' on this one.

Until next time, I'll try to write more once I get a new job and don't have to spend every waking hour on Monster and CareerBuilder.