Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm sure this one will drive all sorts of new traffic here

[10:02] Co-worker: OMFG, there is some new show on TV (I forgot the channel) with an exorcist
[10:02] Co-worker: exorcising people
[10:02] Co-worker: it is the biggest bullshit I have ever seen
[10:02] Me: "reality" or scripted?
[10:03] Co-worker: reality I guess.....not scripted but also not like randomness
[10:03] Co-worker: they tape him at his sessions with people
[10:03] Me: wtf
[10:12] Co-worker: http://www.boblarson.org/
[10:12] Me: he looks like a child molester
[10:13] Co-worker: I'm sure he is
[10:13] Me: you know what freud said about beards
[10:13] Me: men who wear them are hiding something
[10:13] Co-worker: haha
[10:14] Me: billy mays? Instead of using a fishing pole he dumps oxy clean into the lake and scoops up the dead fish
[10:15] Me: Kenny rogers? he fucks the chickens before he cooks em. thats why they are soooooo tender
[10:15] Me: ZZ top? gay
[10:16] Me: jerry garcia? straight edge
[10:16] Me: abe lincoln? gay
[10:17] Co-worker: wha?
[10:17] Co-worker: didn't you grow a beard a while back?
[10:17] Me: Jesus: not the son of god.
[10:18] Me: dumbledore: gay
[10:18] Co-worker: true, true
[10:18] Me: darwin: fucks monkeys
[10:18] Co-worker: mmhmm
[10:18] Me: grizzly adams: fucks bears
[10:19] Me: santa: hates kids
[10:19] Co-worker: hm I think YOU may be the one with a Freudian issue
[10:19] Me: freud: loved his cigars a little too much
[10:20] Me: mohammed: pedophile (but not gay)
[10:21] Co-worker: what? he was totally gay
[10:21] Me: pz myers: celebrates xmas
[10:22] Me: Dave grohl: thinks cobain was overrated
[10:23] Me: Robert E. Lee: had jungle fever
[10:23] Co-worker: what the fuck
[10:24] Me: Fidel Castro: again with the cigars
[10:24] Me: Col. Sanders: preferred steak
[10:25] Co-worker: didn't fuck chickens?
[10:25] Me: Osama bin Laden: owns stock in halliburton
[10:25] Me: Da vinci: painted by numbers
[10:25] Co-worker: are you on fucking drugs?
[10:26] Me: Hemmingway: wrote roadside ads for burma-shave
[10:26] Co-worker: ok that is true
[10:28] Me: Papa Smurf: was gargamel's father
[10:28] Co-worker: srsly do you have parasites in yr brain?
[10:29] Me: Gandalf: couldn't find a human-sized razor
[10:29] Co-worker: elf sized?
[10:29] Me: elfs cant grow facial hair
[10:30] Co-worker: why not
[10:30] Me: don't ask me
[10:30] Co-worker: hormones?
[10:30] Me: it stops at the sideburns
[10:31] Co-worker: what?
[10:31] Me: elfs grow out their sideburns cus they cant grow beards
[10:31] Co-worker: .....ok

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