Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jake's JK: This is not a good sign

So my Jeep is built, shipped, and unloaded from the train. So what is keeping it from being delivered to my local dealership?

Goddamned wildfires!

Seriously. The train unloads the vehicles in Miami, which then come across Alligator Alley on a truck. That just happens to be where a 15,913-acre fire is burning this week.

"Eh, it should be out in a week or so," sez the talking head from the Division of Forestry.


BTW, the kickass satellite pic of the smoke from the fires came from the MODIS Rapid Response System Gallery. Its a pretty sweet searchable database of images from NASA's satellites. You know, the ones Google will hijack when they take over the world.

Our tax dollars at work, folks.


Anonymous said...

OK, I was searching the net to see how long it takes to get a Jeep made and found your Blog. Just to let you know you are not alone, we ordered our JK Rubicon on November 17, 2006..YES last year!! Status this morning Firm D. Guess acording to your info I can be in for another 3 month wait!! Shoot me now!!!


Jake said...

Nate, it may be even longer than that. I've heard rumors that there are only a limited number of Rubicons that will be built before production ends on the 2007 model year in July.

You may wind up with an '08.