Monday, October 31, 2005

The Monster in My Daughter's Room

One night last week my 2-year-old daughter was playing in her room, then peeked her head out into the living room.


"What, B?"

"I scared."

"You're scared? Of what?"


"You're scared of a mouse?"

"Yeah. My room."

"There's a mouse in your room?"


"A real one? or a toy mouse?"


At this point, I get my fat, lazy ass up off the couch and go with her into her room.

"Where is this mouse you saw?"

She walks into her closet with a big grin on her face and pulls out the dress from her Minnie Mouse costume.


"No, honey, you can't put your costume on tonight, it will get dirty."

That little turd tried to guilt me into letting her wear her Halloween costume a week early.


Happy Halloween.


Here's the costume in all it's glory...

You would think she would look happier, but this is the expression on her face in all of the pictures we took. It must be the lipstick.

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