Monday, December 12, 2005

5 Things About Me

Thanks to K at the Daily sKWeez for this one. I get to tell (all six of you that read this) 5 random things about myself, and then tag 5 of you to do the same. I don't know that I have 5 things to tell that I haven't already mentioned in this blog, but here goes:
  1. I have attended college at 4 schools: undergrad work in Biology/Pre-veterinary Medicine for 2 years at Michigan State University (go Spartans!), Accounting and Econ Classes at the local community college here in FL, 3 years culminating in an AS and a BS in Computer Information Technology at a private college here in town, and I am currently working on my MBA at Florida Gulf Coast University. Ok, a lot of you already know most of that. But did you know that was spread out over 13 years? With a seven year break where I contributed to the economy, rather than leeching off my parents or the student loan system? Didn't think so.

  2. I used to play the trombone. In Jr. High and High School. Concert, marching, and jazz bands. Yeah, I'm cool. Actually, from having the bassline in most songs we performed in jazz band, I was able to throw down a nasty blues bassline the first time I ever picked up an electric bass. I would love to learn to play bass and be in a cover band, but my wife won't let me "waste money on that." Maybe when it's time for my midlife crisis…

  3. I was raised Catholic, which accounts for the low self-esteem and nagging guilt I feel on a daily basis. No stories about priests with wandering eyes, though. I must not have been good looking enough, even back then. I am currently in recovery.

  4. I like chocolate. In fact, I am a chocoholic. I need a little bit of the stuff every day to keep me sane. Thats one of the reasons I dropped off Atkins the first time I was on it. Now they make delicious shakes and brownie bars. I am an addict.

  5. I studied in Germany for 2 weeks this spring, but don't speak a lick of German. Luckily the classes were in English, and they are used to tourists there, so we got by. The only words I remember are "nein Deutsch," which, roughly translated, is the equivalent of the migrant workers around here saying, "no speekee inglees." Funny story though, we ended up in an Italian restauraunt, with a waiter who didn't speak English. He did however speak Spanish, in which several of us can get by. So there was a table of English-speaking Americans in a restaurant in Germany, speaking Spanish to the Italian waiter. Only in Europe!
Okay, that's my five things. Now for the punishment. I tag:


Crap. This blog is still pretty new, so I don't have many confirmed readers (i.e., people who leave comments). I could tag A, but she doesn't have a blog. K tagged me and Kara, so I can't tag either one of them. I actually just went through my entire blog to see if anyone else commented, but to no avail. I even checked for referring links, but no one new there, either.

You silent fuckers are making it hard for the rest of the readers. Like boot camp, when the whole unit gets punished for the one slacker screwing up, here is your punishment:

Each of the 3 of you get to list 8 things instead of 5. Unless someone else 'fesses up and volunteers for their 5 lashes. But that is still one thing shy of the total if 5 people did 5 things. So I will be a sport and give you one more:

    6. I have scored between 155 and 190 on various IQ tests. Commence nerd jokes.

In the immortal words of Captain Sunny, Now go on!


~ruthie said...

i clicked on a couple of weeks ago, and when i saw reference to michigan, i kept coming back. :) i'm one of the "silent ones" that read but don't contribute, though!

Kim said...

lol, wow, thanks for tagging me... Do you think my readers could stand to know five more things about me after that fund raiser I did? Those poor people... How about I wait a couple of days first? lol

dreamweaver said...

what's this tag game?