Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas Shenanigans

Last night I returned home from study group after midnight. Its the end of the semester and my team is putting the finishing touches on our semester projects. Not five minutes after I walked in the door, A's mom called her and told her that they had another attempted break-in. E, A's brother, heard a noise in the backyard and looked out his window (the one that was broken in the storm and used for entry for the break-in in November, and now repaired) just in time to see someone kicking down the fence panel that had been blown down and broken in the storm and used for entry for the break-in in November, and now repaired.

E told my mother-in-law to call 911 to tell them someone was breaking in, and he took his flashlight and shined it out the window to see if he could get a look at the guy. He got a good enough look to see that it wasn't the guy who was living back there before, and that it was a hispanic guy. When the guy saw the flashlight shining at him, he took off running. The cops got there pretty quickly and searched the neighborhood, but didn't find anyone. They told A's mom that he was most likely looking to cut through her yard. WTF???? Who breaks down a privacy fence panel to cut through a yard when there is an easily-stepped over picket type fence in the next yard?

This incident begs the question, was the guy we found living in the shed in the adjacent lot REALLY the person who broke in, or was he simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, and got the brunt of A's family's frustration? Is this guy who tried to break in last night the real culprit? If he is brazen enough to break down part of a fence to get to a house that is obviously going to be occupied by people sleeping or at least getting ready for bed, what else would he be willing to do if he found them in there sleeping?

A's mom is ready to move now. I can't say I blame her. I live 2 blocks away and Iwant to get the hell out of there as soon as we can afford to.

Now, a word from my effed-up family.

A instant messaged me today with the following:
A: Did you know your mom owns a boat?

J: WHAT???????????????

A: She loaned (her-ex boyfriend's friend) some money 2 years ago to bail him out of jail, and he signed her boat over to her if he didn't pay her back. Now he's in jail again and she gets to keep the boat.

J: Jesus. Where the fuck does she find these people?

A: Now she's looking for someone with a trailer hitch to come pick it up for her.

J: Knowing the kind of friends she has, its probably a piece of shit.

A: She asked if she could park it at our house. I kind of let that one go without saying anything.

J: It would probably get stolen.

So now I will probably end up having a leaky, rusted out eyesore masquerading as a watercraft sitting in my driveway taking up my parking spot, forcing me to park my rollerskate even closer to the road. Thanks, mom.

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