Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekend Preview

It looks to be a busy weekend, folks. I had better get my homework done on my lunchbreak today, because I doubt that I will have any time to work on it before Monday.

Yesterday, my mother called me on my cell phone at work. We don't exactly have the best relationship, so I figured it must be something pretty important she needed to talk about. It was. Apparantly, my sister is failing English. What makes this my problem is the fact that she has the opportunity to do some extra credit work online, but her computer is broken. I told my mom when she bought the piece of shit eMachines box 4 years ago that I would not be the one to call to fix it when it inevitably took a crap, but every time it does, I am the one who has to go over and reinstall everything. If it wasn't for my sister, who needs this English class to graduate next month, I wouldn't do it.

So that will be my Friday night. Exciting, eh?

Saturday is a double whammy. First, in the afternoon, is a college baseball double-header with a special reception for Executive MBA students and alumni at my college. I am only going for the networking opportunities that it presents since I am in desperate need of a new job.

Saturday is also A & my anniversary.

Yep, April 1st.

April Fool's Day.

I figure, if you're fool enough to get married, might as well pick the most appropriate day of the year. To this day, I can't believe she went along with it.

Anyway, We are going out to the local Bennigan's for karaoke night. We went last weekend for the first time in almost 3 years and had a blast (at least I did), so we invited some friends to join us. If you're in the area (zip 34134), come on down and have a few with us. The more the merrier.

On Sunday, it's back to my mom's place so I can take my sister's senior pictures. I am somewhat of an amateur photographer, and have done a few weddings and such, and it was an honor to have her ask me to do them. We will probably do a few shots at the beach, sneak onto a golf course for some outdoor pics, and end up back at home for some "studio" shots.

So, that will be my weekend. I hope I can sneak a nap in there somewhere.

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