Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm Free!!!! For a month, anyway.

So I finished my term paper yesterday. Got it e-mailed out to my professor with about 30 seconds to spare before the battery in my HP Pavilion zv5000 laptop died. I have had so much trouble with the power pack since I got the thing. It never stayed plugged into the back of the computer very well, now the thing won't work at all.

So I had to go on HP's website on my computer at work to order a new AC adapter for the laptop. Of course, my warranty expired 2 moths ago, so I had to fork out $106 for the d**n thing. You know they engineer those things to just barely outlast the warranty.

So, for the next 4-6 days I have to use my wife's desktop Piece of Crap to do all my computing... at least school is over until the end of August. Maybe I will get outside and enjoy the Florida sun, instead. Yeah right. Oh, there is a barbecue/luau in a couple of weeks for the students of our sister school in Germany who are over here studying for a month. That should be fun.

Gotta run, the B is awake.

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