Friday, January 06, 2006

Claim Your Hits

Since mid-November, Google Analytics has been logging my blog's website statistics for me. One of my favorite gizmos in this tool is the geographic listing of the visitors to your site, complete with number of times someone from each city has visited.

In just two months, I am astonished at the number of different places where my blog has been read. I am also astonished that very few of you have actually responded with posts of your own. I would love to hear from each and every one of my returning visitors. Simply leave me a comment claiming your city from the list below and I will add a link to you on the list.

I have only included the cities where I have had more than one hit from, so returning visitors are the focus.

California: San Diego
Florida: Fort Lauderdale - Fort Myers - Orlando
Georgia: Calhoun - Atlanta
Massachusetts: Lowell - Southbridge
New York: NYC - Brooklyn
Ohio: Cleveland - Cincinnati - New Knoxville
Pennsylvania: Haverford
Texas: Houston
Virginia: Richmond
Canada: Okotoks, Alberta

And for some reason, there were no cities listed for the following states. It just grouped each state in one big bunch. There could have been 7 random hits, or one person viewing it 7 times. I just can't tell.

Indiana - Missouri - Illinois - Michigan - North Carolina - Oregon - Wisconsin - Arizona - Mississippi - Connecticut - Washington - Utah - New Mexico - Kansas - South Carolina - Alaska - Maryland - Louisiana - Wyoming - New Jersey - Alabama - Minnesota - Oklahoma - Delaware - Arkansas - Tennessee - Nevada

Here are the one-time international visitors, who probably found me by clicking on the "Next Blog" button that throws random pages at you. I assume they will not be coming back to claim their hits, but who knows? I have been wrong before.

Australia: Coorparoo, Queensland - Perth, Western Australia
Canada (home of Rush, the greatest three-man rock band ever): Calgary, Alberta - Toronto, Ontario - Weston, Ontario - Montreal, Quebec - Nanoose Bay, British Columbia
Germany: Hamburg - Egartenhof, Baden-Wurttemberg
Italy: Rome
India: Bombay
New Zealand: Auckland
Russian Federation: Moscow
United Kingdom: Slough - Edale, Tameside

There were also several hits that could not register a location. If I missed your city, please let me know where you are logging in from, too. I will add your city to the list and link you to it, too.

UPDATE—Hits Claimed:
Missouri: Kansas City - Independence
South Africa: Pietermaritzburg
Virginia: Richmond


Kara said...
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Kara said...

I travel sometimes, and read from wherever I am, so I may be more than one of these hits, but I am usually listed as "Kansas city" or "Independence" (Missouri).

dreamweaver said...

I hit from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Followed a link here from "I wasn't always like this"

dreamweaver said...

Oh, sometimes, all South African hits can be routed through "Johannesburg"

~ruthie said...

I'm your repeat reader from richmond, va. welcome back, btw! :)

Starshine said...

Hi! I found you via Technorati. I'm from Florida, living in St Petersburg.

I put you on my desktop fav's, as I just joined Blogspot and cannot quite get my Blogroll in yet.

You have a great blog, and I'll come back!