Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Soy un Perdedor...

I am a skeptical, cynical person. So it comes as no surprise that when I receive an e-mail message telling me that I have won an iPod Nano, that it is most likely spam, and I should just delete it.

Today, however, I wanted to believe.

The e-mail I received was different than the usual "YOU MAY HAVE ALREADY WON" junk mail we all get. First of all, it had my full name in it. The spammers usually get the first but not the last.

Secondly, there was a Word file attached containing an affidavit to sign. I opened it with a document viewer in case there was a macro virus inside. Nope. Just an affidavit requesting my agreement for my name and likeness to be used for promotional purposes. The only personally identifiable info they needed was my name and address, which they could easily get without my involvement, and my e-mail address, which they already had. Plus, they needed it notarized and mailed back to their offices.

Third, I checked the website tha corresponded to the sender's e-mail address.


I DID enter a contest on that site last week!

F*ckin' A'! I won a freaking iPod!

I guess I can no longer say I never win anything.

UPDATE 1/31:
The promotions director who sent me the original e-mail notification sent me another message again today. She was concerned that they didn't hear from me, and wanted to make sure I got the message. I let her know that the release was in the mail.


Kara said...

Hell yeah!

¡No eras un perdedor! Su suerte ha cambiado.

Jake said...

¡Muchas gracias Karita!