Friday, April 13, 2007

Dammit! Janet! Time-waster of the Week

Since we weren't that busy at work today, Beth sent me a link to my favorite new time-waster: You Are Damned! It's a site where you can put in the name of your friend, enemy, mother, or favorite celebrity to damn them to Hell for eternity. The catch is, you must have a reason why they are being damned.

Some people are truly angry, and damn someone for something truly damnable:

Others just bust their friends' humps:

Some of the damnations are political (I saw George W Bush damned at least a dozen times):

Others are pseudo-ironic:

Many showcase the efficacy of the American public school system:

As usual with the Internets, there is a healthy dose of pop culture:

And who can resist the token Howard Stern reference?

Damn your friends and enemies today!

1 comment:

Beth said...

We deserved a not that busy day after the last two weeks. Oh, wait, you were on vacation. SUCKIT!