Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Extreme Fun with Keywords: Jeep Edition

It has been almost six months since the last time I posted anything about the weird shit people search the Google for that leads them to my site. Since there are a boatload of searches regarding my recent Jeep posts, I decided to break the latest round of Fun with Keywords into two parts: Jeep and non-Jeep. The non-Jeep version will be coming up later this week.

After looking into the Jeep-only searches, I found there are four subcategories:
  1. People looking for brochures
  2. People looking for information or pictures about half doors
  3. People looking for information about production delays, lead times, or their order status.
  4. General 2007 Jeep Wrangler information.

Here's the first batch, Brochures:
1995 wrangler dealer brochure
2007 jeep brochure
2007 jeep wrangler brochure
2007 wrangler brochure
jeep 2007 brochure
jeep 2007 wrangler brochure
wrangler 2007 brochure
Ummmm, check out, retards, I bet you'll find one there! Hey look, there on the left, "Brochures".

Next is the group nearest and dearest to me, Half Doors:
2007 jeep unlimited half doors order date
2007 jeep unlimited no half doors availability
2007 jeep wrangler jk replacement doors
2007 jk unlimited half doors
2007 unlimited half door
2007 unlimited half doors
2007 wrangler half framed doors
2007 wrangler unlimited half doors
2007 wrangler unlimited jk half doors
2007 wrangler unlimited picture half doors
half door availability on jeep wrangler unlimited
how much are the new jk half doors
jeep half doors
jeep unlimited jk half door wait time
jeep unlimited with doors removed for street driving
jeep wrangler brochure 2007
jk "half doors" availability
jk jeep wrangler half
jk unlimited half doors
jk wrangler unlimited half door job #1
making 4x4 half door
picture of 2007 jeep unlimited with half doors
picture of 2007 unlimited with half doors and soft top
picture of half doors wrangler unlimited
replacement half doors for 4 door jk
unlimited half door availability
when are half doors for wrangler being shipped
where are the half door 2007 unlimited
wrangler half door job 1 date
wrangler unlimited 2007 half door set
I can't say I blame them. I have been looking since December and I only last week found pictures of actual production half doors. Here.)

Jeep waited a little too long to make this feature available for purchase. As you can see here, it is a very popular option for Wrangler fans. Hell, I have been waiting for almost three months just for the half doors. I could have walked off the lot with a JK with full doors in January, but I chose to wait. Judging by these searches, a lot of other people have, too. Smart business plan, DaimlerChrysler! Put off a large segment of your loyal Jeep customer base to fill up dealer lots with "Mall Rated" soccer mom editions that just sit there because the ride is too rough to put on makeup. It's a Jeep! It's supposed to be utilitarian. Hell, the original models didn't even have roofs, let alone roll-up windows on their non-existent doors. End rant.

Here's the biggest batch of searches, Production Times:
2007 jeep wrangler delivery status
2007 jeep wrangler production order availability wait list time
2007 jeep wrangler unlimited backlog
2007 jeep wrangler unlimited backlog of orders
2007 jeep wrangler unlimited delivery time
check on ordered jeep status
checking the status of an ordered vehicle jeep
chrysler vehicle order status
delivery problems with jk jeep
delivery time 2007 wrangler unlimited
how long are wrangler rubicon 2007 orders taking
how long for delivery of my wrangler
how long to manufacture a jeep wrangler
jeep accepting orders
jeep build status code
jeep jk order status
jeep jk production
jeep jk unlimited rubicon order lead time
jeep order status codes
jeep rubicon 14 week wait for delivery
jeep rubicon six month wait for delivery
jeep wrangler 2007 order waiting time
order backlog for 2007 jeep wrangler unlimited
order status 2007 jeep wrangler
production stopped for jeep wrangler unlimited
production time for 2007 jeep rubicon
why is it taking so long to get a new unlimited jeep sahara delivered
why is it taking so long to get my new jeep unlimited?
why is the jeep wrangler taking so long
wrangler jk delivery time
wrangler unlimited backlog
I must say, I have found the answer to several of these queries, and here is what I know. 2007 Jeep Wranglers are taking anywhere from 4 weeks to over 6 months to manufacture when built to order. Some things slowing down orders are the Rubicon package, half doors on 4-door models, dual tops, and the MyGig navigation and entertainment system. Half doors on Unlimiteds actually went into production this month, so if you order them now, you should not expect the delays like I have experienced. As far as checking your order status or deciphering order status codes goes, refer to my earlier post.

And finally, General Jeep Inquiries:
07 jeep jk wrangler unlimited
1995 wrangler sale florida dealer
2007 jeep jk owners
2007 jeep unlimited
2007 jeep wrangler and difficult to steal
2007 jeep wrangler jk
2007 jeep wrangler limited
2007 jeep wrangler unlimited
2007 jeep wrangler unlimited forums
2007 jeep wrangler won't start
2007 wrangler
2007 wrangler unlimited photo picture
black strap with a button for jeep jk
costume 4 door wrangler
jeep center console jk 2007
jeep comment
jeep jk
jeep jk no a/c
jeep jk problems
jeep jk unlimited canvas tops
jeep rumors (2007 or 2008)
jeep wrangler
jeep wrangler limited 2007
jeep wrangler unlimited
jeep wrangler unlimited x toronto
jk jeep
jk soft doors
parts for 2007 4 door jeep wrangler
set time on 2007 wrangler radio
test drive new jk jeep
wrangler unlimited sleep setup
A couple things worry me about this batch. "2007 jeep wrangler won't start" and "parts for 2007 4 door jeep wrangler" don't bode well for a future owner, however, I do know that there was a "stall bug" in early production units that was fixed with a flash update to the computer.

Also, "costume 4 door wrangler"??? Who is dressing up like their Jeep? Maybe in anticipation of the new Transformers movie? This takes the prize for the weirdest search for this episode.

Coming Soon: more crazy Fun with Keywords

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